How to Bake Chicken Legs

Any kinds of meat have two different meat part namely white meat and dark meat. The parts of the animal which is fleshy and best part to eat is known as white meat. Dark meat is nothing but the parts which are not usually added in their food by people. But in chicken, you can also cook the dark part which is their legs and can eat them. They also contain juicy meat in them and they are more succulent parts of them.

Actually, there is a misconception among people that only the white part of chicken adds nutrition to our food. But the truth is that the dark parts also add nutrition to your food. Hence you can cook the chicken legs and have them in your daily meals. It has both minerals and vitamins in them; in addition they are also having the amino acid in it. Hence the dark part is better than the white part in the chicken. You can prepare your complete meal not only with the fleshy part of chicken, but also with their legs.

You can fry them well and serve your children and other members of your family and it adds more taste to your food. Get a number of chicken legs from the chicken shop or grocery store. The quantity of legs is completely based on the requirement and the number of members present in your family. Then wash them in a bowl by keeping some warm water in it and this purpose is to remove slime out of their legs. Then take a large skillet in your home and pre heat them by adding cooking oil into it for about two inches.

While washing the legs, remove all the skins covered over their legs with the help of your fingers. If you don’t want to add more fat into your meal, then you can remove the skins completely. Then marinate them for few minutes and add a pinch of salt to them. Then keep the cleaned legs inside a plastic cover bag and seal it. Place them in that plastic bag for four hours continuously.

After four hours, take them out and keep it outside. Take four large eggs and break them into a large bowl. Add salt, pepper and paprika to the eggs and mix them thoroughly. Then take corn flakes separately and crush them with the help of rolling pin. Take a leg and dip it in the egg mixture and then roll it in crushed corn flakes. Then put them in the skillet with full of oil. Wait until they are cooked in the skillet well. Once they boiled, now it is ready to take them out. Take them out and allow them to cool and finally serve.

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