How to Bake a Smoked Ham

Ham is such a special variety of food and it is loved by most of the people. It is not an ordinary food which is prepared by the people for all the time. It is a special one and it is prepared only during some special occasions. Mostly it will take some to prepare it and hence people chose to prepare them only during their holidays or vacation. They are generally juicy, moist enough and contain good flavors to attract the people. Smoked and fresh hams are the two different kinds of recipes in ham itself.

Fresh ham gives you the flavor of a pork whereas smoked has the good and sweet smoky taste which brings you a soft and delicate sweetness for your ham. Mostly, it is prepared for the dinner treat. If some guests arrive in your home, then you can serve them with the smoked ham for their dinner in order to give them a very good treat. Smoked ham adds good taste and sweetness when compared to the fresh hams.

Smoked type consumes more time to prepare when compared to the fresh ones. You need some chopped garlic of two cloves, dry mustard of a teaspoon, white wine of about a spoon and a spoon of molasses. Add them all into a small container bowl and then blend the mixture well. Then bake them depending on size of fresh ham available. Cook them thoroughly by keeping them in the oven for about 15 minutes. Once the baking gets done, keep it on glaze and allow them again to bake them until getting a golden crust. Then take some potatoes, olive oil and cabbage and add them after roasting those things. Finally add some tomatoes by cutting them into circles and place them around the ham to give a greater look.

Cooking smoked ham is easier when compared with fresh ham. It takes less time and less baking than it and thus saves the time for cooking them. Mostly, the people chose smoked ham to serve the family and guests with smoked ham rather than fresh. They are from the olden days and there is also a traditional way to cook them in order to get a greater and nice taste. You need brown sugar to add taste and to give sweetness, lemon juice for giving you a good smell and taste, bitters for health and apricot preserves for preserving the ham for sometime.

You can also add champagne for getting sticky consistent fluid of the ham and it also adds extra flavor and taste to your smoked ham. Then place this mixture in a pan and heat it by placing the pan in a stove. Now the smoked ham is ready and you can decorate them as your wish. You can use pineapple slices to place them on the sides of ham and you can use some toothpicks for securing them.

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