How to Bake a Ham

One of the favorite recipes prepared during special occasions like New Year or Christmas is nothing but the hams. Hams are the favorite food of many young people in the European and American countries. There are different varieties in them and you can get different taste from the different hams. There are both sweet and vegetable hams available which are good for health. They help in providing the energy to people and hence they are used in their morning breakfast.

In the case of vegetable hams, you can see a lot of vegetables which helps in giving the nutrition to your body. Hence it is very good to have vegetable types when compared to the sweet ones. In case of sweet hams, you can gain more energy from them and they are liked by many people when compared to vegetable hams. You can prepare your own hams at home with different tastes to provide for people. Mostly children at home love to have them in a large quantity and hence there will be no problem for you in making them eat.

If you prepare a single variety of ham, it will be definitely boring them and hence prepare them many different varieties. You can prepare different varieties during special functions like their birthdays. Spiral ham is one of the most wanted types of ham available. The shape of them itself very attractive and always attracts the people towards them. The following tips help you in preparing spiral ham in your special day to attract your guests and loved ones.

First take the flour which should be good and fresh without any dirt and dust. Clean them well and then use them for cooking. Then add some butter with it and mix them well with water and make it into a ball. Then make some small sized balls out of them. Use your roller to make them into rolls. If you are planned to prepare vegetable, then get ready with your vegetables. You can add any type of vegetables you want and you can specifically add your favorite vegetables. You can generally add onion, sweet potatoes, cabbage, carrot, chilly, etc into them.

If you going to prepare it as sweet then take some coconut chops, baked papaya chips and sugar. Then smash and mix them well in a large bowl. You should make them as a paste so that it could cook nicely. Then get a small amount of them and place it in the roll. Then keep rolling them together and make them into spiral shapes. Make all the spirals with the available dough and place them all inside the oven and cook them nicely. Once it is ready, you can serve them freshly to your friends and guests.

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About the Author: Leona Kesler is a head-chef at a very popular food restaurant in New York. Also she is a blogger who shares her experiences, tips, and other informative details about food and cooking. Her recipes are featured on many magazines.

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