How to apply for Music Scholarships

An established, successful career is important in the bustling corporate enterprise of today’s workforce, and a college education is essential in obtaining that sort of career. This is why it’s a parent’s obligation to provide their children with the best education possible. That, however, is easier said than done, because putting a child through college is a tremendous financial burden.

Many parents today can’t put their child through college, and many children stop pursuing education after graduating from high school. This is unfortunate, but understandable given the costs of college today, which are rising on a yearly basis.

This, however, is not going unnoticed. The government, private organizations, and universities are looking to remedy this dilemma by providing scholarships to prospective, promising young students who are in need of financial assistance.

What kind of scholarships are offered? There are just as many types of scholarships out there as there are types of students out there, and that’s a lot of different types. Some students have athletic talents, some have a talent for scholastic achievement and attaining high grades throughout school, and there are scholarships for each of these.

There are also scholarships for students who have talents and interests in different forms of art, such as painting and music. But it breaks down even further, because in the arts like music there are still so many types of students. Some are pianists, some learn the electric violin, others yet are in choir, or play the woodwind instruments. There are simply too many different possibilities to list them all, but scholarships are offered based on different interests and talents the students possess, and the career paths they wish to pursue with their talents. Just a few of the many scholarships available are listed below:

1. The John Lennon program is a scholarship that awards financial aid to songwriting students who write original compositions. This is not a scholarship you can apply for, but one you are invited to

2. Bel Canto’s vocal scholarship is a foundation awarding over 15,000 dollars to American opera singers aged 20-37 who look to pursue a career in opera.

3. String Magazine, a magazine which offers resources and interests in all string instruments (Cello, Violin, etc.), offer a scholarship for students pursuing an undergraduate degree in music. This scholarship looks at the student’s financial need, as well as their academic achievements to determine the amount awarded.

Many more such scholarships can be discovered with a simple internet search, as well as their requirements, how much they offer, and whether you qualify. You shouldn’t let high college costs discourage you from pursuing the college education you’ve always dreamed of, there are resources out there to help you tackle this financial obstacle!

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About the Author: Darlene Aronson holds a degree in English literature and is a college teacher in Texas, USA. She likes to help others by sharing her experiences in education and training field. She has written for many blogs as well as local magazines.

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