How to Manage time Effectively Everyday

These days, time management is called for to a very large extent. Whether you are a business, a student, single, or even a homemaker, everyone needs an efficient plan in the form of time management. We all need an effective program for our daily life. After all, time once gone, never comes back.

It happens quite often when due to poor planning or not making any plans at all, we are not able to achieve all that we needed to in a particular day. So much time of our lives goes waste in the form of money, particularly for working people.

Some suggestions to effectively plan and organize your schedule for time management are:

  • First and foremost, make a list of all the tasks you have to definitely completely in a day. You can get into the habit of organizing by lists by first listing trivial activities like take a bath, have lunch on time, etc. Make a To-Do list and pin it up on a handy corkboard.

  • Fix the time limit for each of your tasks. You can assign time to each activity in terms of hours or half hours considering your list’s length. Try to stick to the specified time limit as much as possible.
  • Prioritize your tasks. Try to complete those first, which are more important. When you make a list, mark tasks with greater priority with a ‘G’, those with average priority with an ‘A’, and those with lesser priority with an ‘L’.
  • Plan your tasks in a proper order. There maybe some tasks that even though of a higher priority cannot be accomplished first due to other influencing factors like time of their execution, etc. Thus list your tasks in the order of their execution during the day.
  • Fix the time of execution of each task. In your list, assign a particular time of the day for each task. All these steps give you a vivid summary of your routine for the day with proper time management. And if some task requires you to travel, make provisions for the time needed for travel also.
  • Make use of a planner or an organizer on paper or on an electronic device. If you find it easier to list down your tasks, use a notebook rather than a calendar or a planner. A planner or calendar will not give you ample space to jot down all that you want. If you need reminders in the form of alarms, an electronic planner is just the thing for you. With the technology available today, a device as small, handy and mobile as a cell phone can help you with reminders of birthdays, To-Dos, etc.
  • Get flexibility in your schedule for efficient time management. Unforeseen emergencies or sudden unexpected activities may often cause delay in the completion of your tasks. You should learn to juggle your daily tasks and unexpected events well to ensure proper time management.

Try to make your list of tasks in the evening prior to the day in question. You can even prepare a list for the whole coming week. When your list is complete with details, refer to it as and when you complete you tasks and tick them off.

When you plan your daily tasks, you get a fair idea of what your daily routine is. Subsequently, you will not tend to forget important daily activities. This will also help you to save time that you may devote to some hobby or recreation. Planning gives you access to such time management that saves time for you as well as others.

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About the Author: Bruno Silva is an entrepreneur from Portugal with over 15 years of experience in Online Marketing. He is also a blogger and writes on variety of topics from online marketing to designs, cars to loans, etc.

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