Tips on Taking Baby Photos

Taking baby photos can be daunting. This is true among professional photographers who take baby photos for a living or among parents whose passions include taking snapshots of their little ones. On the other hand, baby photography is one of the most rewarding professions or hobbies you will ever get your hands into: not only are babies beautiful subjects; flipping through their photos is also a great stress reliever.

Be alert


When taking baby pictures, you deal with someone who is her own master.  Be watchful and wait for her to unravel her grace before taking her shots. This means you need your finger on your camera’s shutter button most of the time.  You never know when your precious one will give you the smile you want.

Taking Baby Photos

Do not use wide-angle lens


Wide-angle lens could make your baby’s nose look larger or her ears look smaller and out of shape. It could also overexpose the photo since the flash is close to the subject. Use a short telephoto lens; it will show the baby’s features with normal proportions.

Set the scenery

The location can help improve your shots. Consider taking pictures outdoors: natural colors of flowers and trees surely provide a pretty background. Make sure that the location is comfortable for your baby. To familiarize herself, take your baby to the location before the actual shoot.

Lighting should come out natural


The best kind of light for baby photography is natural light, which you can get just before sunrise or sunset. Midday light could make your baby squint, close her eyes or create shadows on her face, which you don’t want.

If you plan to take photos all throughout the day, try to move your baby under the shades of a tree or an umbrella. If you plan to take photos indoors, move her near a window to make use of light from the outside.

Avoid light coming from behind your baby because you’ll end up having a silhouette, unless that’s the goal of your shot. Experiment with different lighting techniques to determine what works best for you.

Snap some shots from different perspectives


Take pictures at your baby’s eye level, which gives you her perspective rather than yours. Take a photo up close to capture more detail and emotion. Position yourself at the opposite end of a crib or from the top. Play around and don’t stop until you have the best angle. Teach your baby to roll over to take photos with different angles. This is how I learned how to teach baby to roll over.

Taking Baby Photos

Try some comic options

Several things can provide an endless source of comical expressions, such as air blown from a straw or tickling feathers or a water spray from a hidden source. You can also use a piece of lettuce or a slice of lemon to produce quizzical and surprised looks that you want to see on your photo prints.

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