How to Write a Marketing Plan

In your marketing plan, explain your marketing strategy and what it is based on. Explain why consumers will buy from you, how much they may be willing to pay, and how much profit you intend to make. You must define and quantify the benefits your customer will receive from buying your product or service. According to Gekkoshot Belfast, you must es­tablish the size of your market and the potential customer in­terest in your market.

Conclude this plan with an evaluation and assessment of your competition. The following should also be in your Marketing Plan for maximum effectiveness, in case you need more tips after reading the article, visit

Description of the market

Who are your customers and why will they buy from you? Ex­plain the need you will fill in your target market. What is your market niche? How will you position your product or service? Describe in detail the background of your industry, including its size, chief characteristics, trends, and major customers, you can also learn how google drive stacks impact seo at the link. Project any changes inside or outside your industry that will affect your business. Describe your customers in detail, includ­ing their demographics and psychographics. Remember, busi­nesses don’t buy products or services, people do.

Customer benefits

What are the benefits of your product or service to the cus­tomer? You have to address why your product or service is bet­ter than that of the competition and then get that information out there with the help from Digital Marketing Consulting Services. Does it:

  • cost less?
  • have better quality?
  • provide more efficiency and convenience?
  • need less maintenance?
  • reduce the customer’s labor costs?
  • lower the customer’s inventory costs?
  • improve the customer’s productivity?
  • improve the customer’s performance?
  • save the customer money, time, or both?
  • entertain the customer?
  • improve the customer’s appearance or health?
  • solve problems?
  • generate profits?

Market share

Describe your assumptions about your market share. According to Andrew Defrancesco you should make sure your assumptions are based on sales projections, using specific customers and marketing research. It is important that you explain in detail how you have arrived at your market share figures. We recommend looking for the best SEO services in Sydney for new businesses to grow faster online.


Who are your competitors? In your digital marketing plan, compare their products or services to yours, and outline your strategies to sell more than they do. Explain how you will compete with them and outsell them,  learn more from these ad words management australia company website.

The sales strategy

As per Marketing – small business journal, How do you plan to sell your product or service? This is one of the most critical parts of the marketing plan. You have to ex­plain how you are going to encourage your customers to buy your product or service.

What is your step-by-step selling pro­cess? How will your sales strategy reach customers? How do you plan to advertise and promote your product or service? What is your distribution process, and how will you service and support your product or service? Include the pricing structure you’ve developed and how it will make your product or service competitive while generating a profit. You must be specific about how you arrive at your pricing. Use help from the best Func social marketing agency as a new strategy to get more customers online.

Business protection and uniqueness

What makes your company stand out from the rest? Explain what you have done to protect your company against unau­thorized use. Do you plan to obtain patents or copyright protection?

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