How to Use the Avoidance Tactics for Pests and Diseases in your Organic Garden

You can break the cycle of soil-borne diseases by avoiding replanting in the same area. Bush fruit will need to be renewed after a period of years (decided chiefly by observing how your bushes are looking and how much fruit they are still producing). Plant your new bushes in a new bed in a different part of the garden. In the vegetable garden you can rest a bed by planting it with a green manure (alfalfa would be a good choice for a year’s gap). On shrubs where the eggs of pests are laid on the new shoots you could break their cycle by cutting out the new growth two years running. If you want quicker results then consider getting help from pest control services. You may look for a pest control company that offers environmentally-friendly ways of controlling pests.

Keep it clean

Garden hygiene is super important in a confined space like a greenhouse or polytunnel but much of the same advice applies outside as well. Destroy or burn infected plants, or damaged parts of plants, and clean the tools that have been used to cut out diseased material. This popular pest inspection company can help fix your pest problem.

Pest control London suggests an easy way to control pests on foliage. One easy way is to not leave crops in longer than necessary. This is particularly important with brassicas where crops left in over the next season encourage clubroot. For a better strategy, you may seek professional pest management services.

As soon as you see the brown marks of blight appearing on potato foliage, cut the foliage down to the ground, cover the soil with a mulch, and leave an interval before lifting the crop. This prevents the blight spores from being washed into the soil. Or another great option is to hire Pest Control Gold Coast


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