How to Use Oregon Grape

Oregon grape is an attractive ever­green shrub with fragrant flowers. The stoneless berries used to be made into jams, and were valued as a remedy for malaria and intermit­tent fevers. The plant was imported into England in 1823 for its orna­mental value in winter gardens.

Oregon grape was used by indigenous mountain people of California as a treatment for chronic degenerative diseases, particularly cancer and arthritis. In the Spanish-American tradition it was known as yerbe de la sangre, herb of the blood, as it was a blood purifier, used as a diuretic and laxative, and for anaemia as it releases stored iron from the liver. It has been used as a cleansing remedy for many centuries; the Egyptians used the berries for pestilential fevers.

Herbal remedy

Oregon grape root is an excellent remedy for the liver and gall-bladder. The bitters stimu­late the flow of saliva and digestive enzymes, awakening the appetite, improving digestion and absorption, and activating a sluggish liver and gall bladder. It remedies slow, painful digestion and constipation, removing stagnant food from the system and thus acting to detoxify the body. It thereby improves gener­al health, increases strength and sta­mina and helps relieve fatigue and lethargy, particularly that associated with anaemia, poor absorption and during convalescence. Oregon grape treats conditions associated with a toxic system and sluggish liver func­tion, including skin conditions, par­ticularly dry scaly problems, gout and headaches, rheumatism and arthritis. Its diuretic properties aid cleansing by enhancing the elimina­tion of toxins via the kidneys.

Oregon grape has a cooling and lining effect in the body, clearing heat involved in inflammatory problems, and phlegm. Berberine in oregan grape is an immune en­hancer, active against a wide range of microbes, and inhibiting tumour development. It is a helpful remedy when treating hepatitis and gall­stones. Oregon grape also acts to reduce congestion in the venous System and improves varicose veins and haemorrhoids, and heavy peri­ods and period pain caused by uter­ine blood congestion.

Homeopathic remedy

Berberis aquifolium is used to treat a range of symptoms associated with poor liver function, such as nausea, bil­ious headaches, lethargy, skin con­ditions, heat in the face, bitter taste in the mouth, ravenous hunger even after eating, burning in the stomach and constipation. It will also help to relieve intermittent fevers and catarrhal conditions with greenish-yellow phlegm.

The flower essence

Oregon grape is a cooling remedy for fiery people who are perfectionistic, critical, self-critical, dissatisfied and bitter. They feel their imperfections too strongly and fear being unloveable and unloved. They tend to see the world around them as hostile and may suffer from paranoia. Oregon grape helps to transform self-criti­cism into self-love and acceptance of who one really is. It reduces the tendency to be judgemental of one­self and others and helps to engen­der a feeling of trust and goodwill.

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