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Computers are an important and integral part of our daily lives. Currently, almost every aspect of daily life is run, or assisted to run, in part or whole with the help of a computer. Business people and students alike all depend on the use of computers. They are used for projects, business plans, presentations and a host of various tasks. It’s also important that your accounts online are secure and safe. These accounts should all be password protected.

The progress and state of your work, files and business endeavors mandate that this information is secure-even if stored online. With the growing number of accounts everyone has, it can be extremely difficult to keep up with every account password. It is very easy to accumulate a great many accounts for different purposes so the same number of passwords that you are required to remember or store is the same. If the passwords are not written, stored or saved in your browser, memorizing all the passwords can be hard or close to impossible. This is where Ophcrack comes in.

Ophcrack is a program that helps to retrieve lost passwords via Windows. The program is a simple way of making sure if you ever loss a password again, you still have a chance or regaining access to your valuable files and online accounts. Ophcrack breaks the time memory LM hashes that are based on trades using rainbow tables. This program is a solution to your frustration if you can’t retrieve your passwords to any of your accounts. Being locked out of your important accounts can cost you money, time and business. Here is how you can use Ophcrack. Please read on for more information.

Necessary Items:

  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Ophcrack program


  • Download the Ophcrack program from the internet.
  • Burn the Ophcrack program onto a CD.
  • Install the Ophcrack program using the CD to the computer you want to use. Run the program.
  • Choose the “load” option. Pick the right password LM (LAN Manager) hash you will put to use or either selects the PWDUMP File if you see that the hash has been dumped. You will need to save the file as well. Use pwdump2.
  • Alternatively, select to encrypt SAM and permit Ophcrack to dump all hash files from the SAM and SYSTEM files recovered from the Windows computer when booting from a different CD.
  • Select tables, choose where the file will be stored. The rainbow hashes that are downloaded or stored should be placed in an accessible folder.
  • Choose the kind of tables you need to use.
  • Select the launch option to begin the process of retrieving the lost password.

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