How to Use Lady’s Slipper

There are 50 species of Cypripedium, one of the most beautiful of the wild orchids, which in the past could be found in Europe, Asia and North America. Lady’s slipper is now an endangered plant having been far too popular and overpicked for enhancing bouquets. It grows naturally in woods and damp, shady places, and was once common enough to he-sold to travellers by the roadside in the north of England. The name Cypripedium comes from the Creek words k.ypris, one- of the names of the goddess Venus, and podion meaning a little toot or slipper. It came to be called Venus’ or Aphrodite’s slipper and lady’s slipper because the shape of the flower resembles a shoe.

Herbal remedy

Lady’s slipper, known to generations of native-Americans, and adopted by herbalists, is used for nervous problems and to allay pain. It acts as a tonic to the nervous system, supporting it through times of stress and overwork. Lady’s slipper makes a good remedy for nervous exhaustion, for depletion after illness, for anxiety, tension, restlessness, over-excite­ment and insomnia, for palpitations, neuralgia and depression. It is useful for restless children who will not sleep. In the past it was used for epilepsy and convulsions. It can he given for all kinds of stress-related problems such as tension headaches, stomach aches, colic and muscular pains.

Lath’s slipper has antispasmodic properties, relaxing smooth muscle throughout the body and relieving muscle pain such as cramps and period pains. It is an excellent remedy for use during child­birth, when a woman feels tired or anxious. Lath’s slipper combined with raspberry leaves and ginger will help to relax a rigid cervix and ease the birth. As a diaphoretic lady’s slipper can he used for fevers accompanied by great restlessness and anxiety. Since lady’s slipper is an endangered species it must only be used when it is obtained from a cultivated crop and not picked as a wild flower.

Homeopathic remedy: Cyprepedium

Cyprepedium is prepared from the fresh root of lady’s slipper and is an excellent remedy for the nervous system. It is prescribed for people who are agitated, restless, irascible, and who sleep badly and fitfully. The limbs may rvvitch and the mind may be lull of ideas just when one is trying to sleep. It is good for children who wake in the night and want to play with no desire to go back to sleep. It is also recommended for sexual and nervous debility and depression, and is good for women, for stress and anxiety around a period, and for menstrual pain.

The flower essence

Lady’s slipper is for those people who are unable to draw upon their inner wisdom and strength to guide them and provide them with energy for the demands of daily life. They may suffer from nervous exhaus­tion anti sexual debility. Lady’s slipper acts as a tonic to the nervous system, enabling you to connect with inner resources of strength and calm and to apply these inherent gifts to daily life.

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