How to Use Jumper Cables

Car maintenance is very important. There are several things you should keep in your car at all times in case of emergency. You should have a jack, a spare tire, a crow bar, a pair of jumper cables and a few other items. When your car battery dies, you will not be able to crank the car. This is when you will need a pair of jumper cables. These are used to assist your battery in powering up your car.

These cables are used to hook your dead battery to another full life battery. There is a proper way to use the cables in order to avoid accident and/or injury. If done improperly, the results can be electrocution and injury to people and or the vehicle itself. You must also be aware of the correct way to remove jumper cables for safety reasons. When the vehicle’s battery is charged, if it needs to be replaced, you may drive it to an auto store. If the battery does not need to be replaced, the battery will hold the charge.

Necessary Items:

Jumper cables

Step 1

Check to make sure the battery is dead in your car. Insert the key into the ignition. Listen for your car to make a sound. If it does, but will not start, your battery is dead. If your car does make the sound, the lights in the dash illuminate and the radio plays, then the issue is not that your battery is dead. Check the ignition coil as well, then you can purchase coils for car here if yours are faulty.

Step 2

Retrieve the set of jumper cables.

Step 3

Each vehicle needs to be in close proximity to one another. The cables need to be able to expand from one car to the next. Lift the hoods of each vehicle.

Step 4

Put the red end of the jumper cable on the positive terminal of the dead battery. The correct side is slightly bigger than the negative port. If there are any coverings on the terminals, remove them prior to use. Make sure the clamp is on the metal port only.

Step 5

Attack the black clamp to the negative part of the battery.

Step 7

Attack the other clip to the car’s engine block. At this step, you may see a spark of light. This is normal.

Step 8

Attempt to restart the car. If should crank after a few minutes. If you are having issues, recheck the connection.

Step 9

Disconnect your jumper cables in the opposite order you put them on. The clip to engine block, the black clamp, and then red clamp should be taken off. Make sure to do it in that specific order for safety.

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