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The growth of technology is becoming very fast and it is very difficult to keep in tempo with the various fast growing technology standards. Usually this is a case with the electronic appliances and computers. Regrettably this is going the same for audio and video also. You may have probably come across concepts such as HDMI including hdmi cable over cat6 and you would have just pretended as if you understood the original meaning of the word so that you are not too behind in place. Hence the moment you reach home, you log into the internet and quickly search for the word HDMI in Google. You get many links and you probably choose any one link. Here we go for it.

  • The abbreviation of HDMI is High Definition Multimedia Interface and this is the most widely used standard of interface for equipment and digital data. Home theatres, televisions, computers and DVD players in order to give a crystal clear audio and video. In many cases the digital origin is the DVD which is being played by a device called the DVD player and the output is displayed in a device like home theatre, television, etc.

  • An undivided cable with almost 19 wires which is cased inside acts as the medium through which the digital data that is obtained from the origin is transferred to the production device. The cable transmits signal of 5 GB per second. With this capacity we can transmit many channels of video and audio. With other interfaces we should use different cables for the video and another cable for audio. But in the case of HDMI we can make use of a single cable for both.
  • The above standards all are analog in behavior namely S-video etc. The source data is uncompressed and digital. The use of certain interfaces translates and compresses the source data into analog signal so that it can be transmitted by the cables. The moment it arrives at the output medium it is immediately translated into digital form. This process is not very efficient as there will be a loss in digital signal and the wholeness of the data will be queered.
  • The HDMI is a different interface and it is very effective. The digital data which is transmitted to the output medium is so raw and pure and there is no any kind of translation. This will preserve the digital data’s integrity which is translated to sharp and crisp displays. The possibility of this is because the bandwidth of the interface is very high.
  • Moreover in HDMI the data will be transmitted at the same time. In the old standards a separate jack has to be used in order to deliver the audio. But the HDMI will use only a single cable for the transmission of data and the data will be very pure. It is very effective as it uses¬† only a single cable and gives a very good quality of video and audio. Hence nowadays all game consoles, computers TVs, home theatres use this HDMI.

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