How to Use Fondant

Fondant is a special type of covering that is used for closing the cupcakes and cakes in alternative to traditional frosting. It provides a smooth and satiny view to the completed cakes. Many people consider that using of fondant is very difficult. The fondants are of three types poured, rolled and sculpted fondant. Everyone has a particular use which is simple to use then one may think. Most of the time, it is used in birthday cakes and it is always used in wedding cakes.

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Things required:


Cake board, Baked cake, Spatula, Butter cream icing, Gel Food Coloring , Rolled fondant, Cake smoother tool, Icing sugar, Prepared poured fondant, Rolling Pin and Prepared sculpting fondant.



Rolled Fondant:


  • On the cake board fix the baked cake by dabbing few icing on the cake board. After that keep the cake on the top. Use a thin level of cream icing made from butter to frost the cake. For this type of fondant icing uses as a base.
  • Mould the fondant into a flexible consistency since it is easy to roll out furthermore with the help of rolling pin. If you feel the fondant sticky sprinkle a bit confectioners sugars to it. When you are using rolling pin the fondant should not be sticky. If you want color add a little amount of coloring food gel to the fondant before kneading. At the ball top make a small hole and apply the gel. Then, knead it till you reach the desired shade.
  • Then roll out the fondant. Since this the only type in which the fondant is rolled therefore the name came rolled fondant.  With the icing sugar dust the surface and fix the fondant onto it. Roll the fondant to one fourth of inch. After rolling is complete roll the fondant to the rolling pin.
  • Then unroll the fondant with the help of rolling pin onto the cake till the cake is wrapped with rolled fondant. Smooth the fondant carefully with cake smoother or your palm. Smoothing removes any small ripples or bubbles in the fondant. Then with the sharp knife cut off the excess part. If you need add a second coating of fondant repeat the steps and made to dry for few hours.

Poured Fondant:


  • Poured fondant consists of steps similar to rolled fondant but in alternative to rolled fondant add a ready liquid fondant at the cake center.
  • Smooth the fondant by using spatula on the cake and downside.
  • Allow drying the fondant. Liquid fondant is named as poured fondant. It is different from the regular icing because of its shiny and smooth appearance.

Sculpting Fondant:


  • From the prepared sculpting fondant cut a piece and form a shape of a flower, object, etc as you like.
  • Use fondant sculpting techniques and tools or food coloring, as you like. Sculpting fondants are used to make the cake decorations as cake toppers.
  • Include the finished cake decorations fondant to the poured or rolled fondant cake.

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