How to Use DVD Decrypter

Most of the DVD discs are encrypted nowadays to prevent you from merely copying its contents to your hard disk by using the scheme known as Content Scrambling System, or CSS. This makes the DVD movie to be unplayable without using the correct decryption key. The DVD decrypter is one among the some existing tools, which can easily conquer this problem simply by decrypting the DVD’s contents. It is a handy free tool that can be used to decrypt and copy DVDs content to your PC’s hard disk

DVD Decrypter can write the majority types of DVD/ CD descriptions via its ‘ISO Write’ mode, and it ropes all the latest writers. You can even use it to erase or format your rewritable media and also it allows you to back up some DVD movies. There are some guidelines that help you to know how to use a DVD encrypter.

If you want to decrypt the DVD file and save it your pc use the following method:

  • Firstly, open the DVD encrypter and insert the DVD you want to copy into your DVD drive. The content you want to copy from the DVD may be a movie, music files or data files. Choose the location of where you need to save your decrypted file by clicking the right drop down arrow that will come when you select the right source drive on the menu.
  • Then Click the “Tools” menu and select “ISO Settings” to rip the file in ISO mode and the option “Read Speed” should be selected to “MAX” and select tab as “I/O”. Finally, click on the “Start” icon at the foot of the window that looks like a DVD with an arrow directing right to a hard drive. It will confirm you the position as it runs, but the time taken to complete will depends on the rate of your DVD player.

If you want to burn a DVD file using the DVD encrypter use the following method:

  • Firstly, put the blank DVD that you want to burn in the burner and open the DVD encrypter. Change the tab option to “Mode” and then select the option “Write” that allows you to choose the files that you want to burn. Also the information of the blank DVD will be displayed on the right plane of the screen.
  • Then select the option “MAX” to burn the DVD with some good rate and make sure you don’t select an option that is faster than your media is capable of and then specify mode option as “DVD”.
  • Finally, select your DVD burner to “Destination” and start burning the DVD by clicking the icon “Start Burning” which will show you a hard drive pointing to a DVD. Once the burning is done, eject and reinsert that DVD to check having burned all the files required by you.

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