How to Use California Poppy

The poppy symbolizes the ephemeral pleasures of life — here one minute, gone the next. The California poppy with its vibrant yellow-orange flower is the state flower of California, and native to the west of North America. It was first introduced to Europe as an ornamental and medicinal plant in the last century and rapidly gained a reputation as a non-addictive alternative to the opium poppy. It was used for col­icky pains and toothache by the native Americans and early settlers.

According to the doctrine of signatures, California poppy resembles a cup of gold, and the saying ‘all that glisters is not gold’ may be very appropriate to many in the state of California attracted to mind-altering drugs and glamorous spiritual practices.

Herbal remedy

California poppy is a cousin to the opium poppy but far less powerful, making it a safe remedy to calm excitability, restlessness, anxiety, tension and insomnia. It acts as a gentle sedative and is suitable for calming children. Its antispasmodic action relaxes muscles throughout the body, useful for treating colic in the stomach and gall-bladder, as well as for soothing tense, aching muscles and relieving tension headaches.

As an anodyne, California poppy can be used inter­nally and applied externally to allay pain. It can be taken to relieve headaches, migraine, neuralgia, back pain, arthritic pain, sciatica and the pain of shingles.

Externally, it can be applied to areas of local pain such as toothache. Through its calming action in the nervous system California poppy also influences the heart and circulation. It slows down a rapid heartbeat and relieves palpitations, and helps to lower high blood pressure.

Generally, California poppy can be thought of as a gentle balancer to the emotions and a calming reme­dy in times of stress. It is well worth using when try­ing to withdraw from addiction, be it to alcohol, drugs, orthodox drugs or tobacco.

Homeopathic remedy: Eschscholzia

Eschscholzia is used in tincture form for insomnia, slowness of the circulation and general weakness.

The flower essence

California poppy is for those who seek spiritual highs from external sources, who are attracted to the glam­our and brightness of psychedelic drugs, charismatic teachers or occult rituals. Their spiritual life lacks dis­cipline and solidity and they may be susceptible to techniques or influences which open the psyche too quickly, causing inner disharmony. California poppy helps to develop a more solid inner life, awakening the light within and enhancing self-reliance.

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