How to Use Audacity

Audacity is an audio tool used for creating things like Pod casts. Some people would automatically assume that taking on a feat like this would be complicated and tedious. The truth of the matter is that it is far simpler than one would think. Audacity features step-by-step instructions that are clear and easy to follow. The nicest feature is that it’s free. Who doesn’t love a free gift? You can use it with Linux, Mac or Windows as well. Finding a way to implement Audacity into your audio can definitely add to the overall value of your pod cast. Here are a few tips to get you started with Audacity. Read on for more information.

Step 1

Log on to the internet using your favorite browser. Search for the audacity program in any search engine. Download the program to your computer. You can also visit the Audacity website if you have any questions or complications.

Step 2

Check the hardware on your computer. You need your microphone to be fully functional. Ensure that it is connected properly to your computer.

Step 3

Open the Audacity program. The Audacity control panel is very self-explanatory.

Step 4

Select the record button. The program will begin to record all the input from your microphone.

Step 5

Choose the stop button after you have recorded all the necessary audio.

Step 6

Play back the recorded audio for review. Listen and make sure it is what you wanted.

Step 7

Now, save the audio in MP3 format so that you can easily place it with your other pod cast audio files. This will make your new recording available for listeners.

Suggestions & Tips

  • When you are making your pod cast audio, make sure you save the progress every few minutes. Do this with the save option. However, you don’t want to export the file until it is complete. Every file that is exported loses some of the sound quality so try and export any file just once.
  • You also have the option of adding sound clips. Simply import the audio from the source. Use files that haven’t been compressed.  The file will automatically be compressed again when it gets exported to MP3 format. WAV format is great to use.
  • Audacity is an easy to use audio recording program. You can also download and use libmp3lame library to enable you to export audio files as MP3s. it doesn’t take very long to do and this is also available at no cost. Find the library with your favorite search engine and begin there. When you begin to use the library for your audio needs, make sure to place the folder with your Audacity files for easy access.

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