How to Use an SLR Camera

  • The Attractiveness of SLR camera is so simple. SLR can be visualized “shoot and point”, you can change the setting of the camera. I guess your camera is digital SLR
  • For using your SLR as “shoot and point” camera, there is no change of setting on your cam. On your camera, see whether it is in green mode, face to the place where you need to take a snap and then press the button to take a snap. It’s very simple. The advantage of using an SLR is, what you see in vision finders is what you find in snap, which you take. Extensively settings vary in camera. One thing refer your manual before using your camera whether it is easy or green mode one your camera.
  • Please go through your manual before using your camera so that you will be expert and little creative with your photographs.
  • As I told to be little creative, for that u need to know about sensitivity, shutter speed and aperture.

Sensitivity-It is about the accessible light. If you have accessible light use lower ISO setting, even you can use high ISO setting but the problem is you will find more noise the picture will be grainy, so prefer ISO settings.Shutter speed-It is used to show motion or freeze. Using freeze motion you need to fast the shutter speed. If you show motion use slow shutter speed.Aperture-It is used to change the depth of the field. Depth of field shows focus on your photo. If you want your face to be crispy and petals on the flower or leaf on tree behind u can do in depth of field.

  • You should know how the sensitivity, speed shutter and aperture work at same time.

There is some opposite relationship between aperture and shutter speeds settings. Aperture no has to decrease when shutter speed increase to get a proper exposed picture.

If ISO settings made decreased, your shutter automatically decrease for proper coverage in picture. If you use ISO setting in higher you will find grainy in your picture.

  • Aperture, ISO, shutter speed in this 3 chose the important one for your circumstances and make settings for that variable in some SLR will do it automatically. One example: if you think you need to set aperture in your camera set the mode .the camera set the shutter speed automatically to give a good picture.
  • Now everything is adjusted in your cam so it’s all about pointing and shooting. Fix the length lens attached to camera, and then move your body physically to make a perfect shoot. Then zoom your lens on the picture you gone take twist it to zoom.

Some things which you got to know


  • Re frame your photo and press the button the rest of the way to take the picture.To focus on the subject that is not in the center of the frame, press your shutter release button down half while focusing on your subject.
  • When adjust the settings on your camera, be sure to check your images in your display on the back of your camera. Check the picture is dark or too bright and then make adjustment for proper exposure.
  • For portraits, make sure that the subject is in focus. Lighting, aperture, and framing are important factors to consider. The best lens to use for this type of photography is theĀ sony camera lenses for portraits in 2021.

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