How to Use a Switchboard

Switchboard is an electronic panel, manual exchange that is used to join the crowd of telephones and to forward telephone calls to the preferred receiver. A switchboard phone provides an industry to road incoming calls to a central operator who links the call to the correct person. Clients will expend less time on hold and more time receiving the help they require.

Nowadays, the huge switchboards that consume a bulky space in the offices are replaced by the multi-phone system where a very small number of operators, is sufficient to manage the incoming and outgoing calls for an organization.

You will need to make acquainted manually in order to direct the uses of these phone line arrangement entirely and you can get an initial hand practice of using the switchboard’s functions by the following procedures.

First of all you should get ready about the few things required to know this device more which contain the switchboard or the multi-phone line to use, other phones that you have to call or connect to, and a skill to center on the task. Suddenly, if the phone rings and you see a red light flashing then pick up the phone receiver and respond the incoming call after pressing the “Hold” button.

When the incoming call in the hold state, find out the details of the called party such as his phone number, its line from your company directory and press the button “Transfer” once in order to connect him to the called party and then hang up your handset whey they get connected. If the caller can’t connect to the calling party you can make him to hear company information or some music.

In the meantime, you should try to locate the caller to his recipient otherwise you can ask the caller to leave a voice message.

If the calling party requests for a conference call, find out the names and phone numbers of everyone who wants to be integrated in the conference call during the hold state of the calling party and then press the button “conference”. Now, the telephone number of the first person on your conference call list will be dialed and wait for his reply.

Once the called party is replied, inform him that he has a conference call waiting for him and press the “conference” button again to connect the caller and the first calling party. Repeat this procedure until all parties are connected to that conference call. As soon as they connected, press the button” Release” bring yourself out of the call.

While the call is done, you have to disconnect the phone lines of the parties by placing the appropriate cords of the lines to their original positions. The calling party’s operator will monitor the cost.

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