How to Use a Neti Pot

A neti pot is a device, which is used to cleanse the nose. This is one of the techniques used in traditional yoga. The neti pot would be filled with a solution. The solution should be warm; it should be as concentrated as the ordinary body solution. The solution here is the salt water. The salt water would go from one nostril and flow out from the other nostril.

During this process the salt water would rinse the nose. There is also another technique, in which the salt water would go from one nostril and come out from the mouth. It can be very effective if the water temperature, salt concentration and the device are used properly. There is no chance for any pain. In the traditional yoga, this would be performed daily. If you are living in a dusty or a polluted area, then doing it regularly will keep your nostrils clean.

First fill the neti pot with the salt water. Breathe through your mouth; this will put off the air circulation through the nose. To start the process place near a sink and bend over it. Put the cone into the right nostril tightly so that no water can leak. Bend your head and roll to left side. The forehead and the chin are to be at the similar levels, slowly correct the head position so that the water is coming out from the other nostril.

Once the water comes out, place the head still and pour more water using the neti pot. Use around a full pot per side, but this has to be done after practicing half per side. Now bend over fully and drop all the water to the sink. Repeat the same process, where you should put water through the left side nostril and bring it back through the right side.

When you are done with the other side, flow out all the water outside. The process of drying is very important, do it carefully? If you have a kind of mucus problem, try it more than once. Flow the used water, coming from the nostril in to the sink. It should not go into the neti pot.

Once you have mastered this, you can go for the backwards technique. This is also equally effective. There are several benefits on using this neti pot. It would remove the dirt and other things in the nostrils. It would also reduce the effect of the cold. The different types of hay fevers can also be avoided. It would improve the breathing it would result in flushing the ducts and thus increasing the eyesight. It can improve the smell and also the taste. It is also very useful if you have ear problems.

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