How To Use A Gas Grill

Many people avoid using propane gas grills because they think it’s complicated or even dangerous to use them but if you know how to do it grilling with gas can be very convenient.

If the grill came with a user manual you should read it to see how to add the lava rocks and connect the propane tank, just make sure you have enough to grill with so aren’t left with an empty tank half way through. Don’t worry though, you can always get a quick propane gas delivery. If you are looking for built-in gas grills, you may contact Grillscapes for affordable options.

First of all you should put your grill on an even surface, away from anything flammable.

Place the lava rocks on the bottom of the grill like it was described in the manual and then put the cooking grill over them.

Now you can attach the propane tank, you should check for cracks and make sure that the valve is closed tightly. Place the tank into the grill and connect the valve as described in the manual, if it’s a screw valve you just need to attach the tank to the grill with a screw nut.

After you connected the tank to the grill you need to check for leaks, the easiest way to do this is to apply a soup solution onto the valve, open it and see if any bubbles form, if that is the case its not safe to use the grill, close the valve and get an expert to take a look at your grill. But if no bubbles form the grill should be safe to use.

The next step is to turn the grill on, with the control valve open turn the gas flow on the grill to maximum and ignite the gas. There are different ways to do this. Most grills come with a lighter switch but manual grill lighters can be used as well. If your grill doesn’t light up right away, turn the gas flow off and wait for a few minutes before trying again. After you are done using the grill, turn the gas flow off, and then close the valve on the propane tank.

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