How to Uninstall an Ethernet Adapter

Internet or an even a small network is possible only when the systems are interconnected and then only they can share information between them. This is possible due to the Ethernet adapter available in the system. It helps in network connectivity of the computer as a device. Ethernet cable or LAN is the place where you have to plug in the input port of Ethernet adapter. This device can also be removed from the system just like other hardware component of the system.

Go to My Computer Directory

Double click on “My Computer.” which is usually on your desktop. If it is not in the desktop, then go to start menu and check for My Computer. Then click once on “Start” menu “My Computer” and click once on it. My Computer is like a single directory which consists of a big folder. It consists of all local drivers installed in your computer. Click once on your hard disk. The disk will have a letter next to it, and usually looks like this: “Local(C)”.

If you navigate hover your any one of the local disk it will display the size and name of that particular disk. If you once right click on any local disk, you can see a list of operations that can be done on that particular disk. In that list, go to “Properties” and click once on it.

Open Device Manager

Once again, the properties also have its own list of operations that it can perform. It consists of series of tabs which pertains to different parts of system. From that click once on “Hardware” tab. This hardware tab again contains three different sections as device manager, hardware profiles and drivers. Click once on the drive that has “Disk drives” under “Type.”

Network Adapters

All the installed devices will be displayed on the device manager page. The tree view gives you the complete structure of all the devices which are installed in your computer. You just select the driver which you wish to do some operation. Click once on “Properties” at the bottom right of the “Hardware” tab. Look for the Ethernet Adapter in that list. It won’t be given as such and it will be sub item under Network Adapters. Search this from the list and choose the plus sign to explore the actual device which is written with model number and name. To select it, click it once.

Remove the Ethernet Adapter

Click on the “Network Adapters” tab in the “Properties” dialog box and click “Uninstall.” A warning will pop up letting you know that you are about to uninstall the device from your system. Click “OK” to uninstall the device and “Cancel” if you do not want to uninstall the Ethernet Adapter. Click “OK” to close each dialog box.

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