How to Trim a Magnolia Tree

Magnolia gets its name from its founder whose name is Pierre Magnol. It is having about 120 species and it is a family tree. It is also very large and it can be found all round the globe. In history, it is the oldest tree family. It has existed around 95 million years before. It is just before the existence of bees in this world. Beetles help in their pollination during ancient days. If you have a Magnolia tree in your yard, make sure that it gets a regular tree trimming service in order to keep it healthy and aesthetically-pleasing.

  • Magnolia flowers are tough and sturdy in their nature and it is also pretty to attract everyone. Due to its structure, it is difficult for all the insects to eat their petals. It is also having smooth edges and plain shaped petals.

  • Magnolia trees can be found in parts of South America, Caribbean Islands, Central and North America and in East and Southeast Asia. It will give you a good and wonderful smell when it blooms in the tree. It grows like a wild creature. Hence it needs regular maintenance to make it beautiful enough. You can protect its magnificence and neatness by doing tree trimming.
  • They are large enough when compared. Instead of cutting the branches which are unnecessary, it is better to call the experts at a Tree Service Company in St. Petersburg FL to remove them physically.
  • Winter season is very appropriate for you to trim and maintain Magnolia trees because they are dormant in that period only. Dormant in the sense a period to take rest and it won’t grow in that time. It grows continuously and is designed specifically for it. However, the growth of that tree never stops if we cut them during winter.
  • Start your tree trimming at the base because you can see old branches at the base of the trees. Don’t go directly to cut the main branches of the Magnolia trees. It will cause permanent damage to the trees. You can call a Tree Service or carry out this process yourself by carefully cutting twigs and branches and disarrayed leaves.
  • Don’t cut all the branches at the same time. During winter, it will be very cold. Hence cutting them too much will cause sever damage to the trees. So if you find this hard to do by yourself please call a professional to help with the tree trimming process. Also you have to give the chance to the trees to grow their parts which are trimmed. Now cut one side and then wait till next winter season to cut on the other side.

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