How to Trim a Bonsai Tree

Bonsai is not a type of plant which is shaped and cultivated into a small tree. Many people have misunderstood and mistaken it in a wrong sense. It is actually an art for growing varieties of woody plants and making them into miniature trees and they are not actually plants. This process involves many clipping, tree trimming and cutting techniques. This does not involve the process of growing large trees into very small one as scientists doing them genetically. This is not the process of dwarfing plants.

  • They generally depend on periodic stocking of the seeds through cultivation methods. Some methods are regular sized tree with full maturity as small plants, potting, root reduction, defoliation and lopping. The main motive of this process is to produce and create deep enlightenment sense with the look of bonsai. Many people do this work for peace and relaxation. You can also practice them to avoid day to day worries and stress in an effective way.  The following suggestions help you in trimming a tree of bonsai kind to keep it growing in a better and beautiful way. It is also an art of doing the tree trimming work for bonsai trees.

  • They are large enough when compared. Instead of cutting the branches which are unnecessary, it is better to remove them physically.
  • Winter season is very appropriate for you to trim and maintain bonsai trees because they are dormant in that period only. Dormant in the sense a period to take rest and it won’t grow in that time. It grows continuously and is designed specifically for it. However, the growth of that tree never stops if we cut them during winter.
  • Start trimming at the base of the tree because you can see old branches at the base of the trees. Don’t go directly to cut the main branches of the bonsai trees. It will cause permanent damage to the trees. Carry out this process slowly by carefully cutting twigs and branches and disarrayed leaves.
  • Don’t cut all the branches all at the right time. During winter, it will be very cold. Hence cutting them too much will cause sever damage to the trees and it will create harsh temperature also. So alternate the trimming process. Also you have to give the chance to the trees to grow their parts which are trimmed. Now cut one side and then wait till next winter season to cut on the other side.

Several tree removal methods described by Gerard’s Tree Service. To cut thick branches and large branches use a hand saw which is bigger enough to cut them. For cutting the smaller branches use pruners.

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