How to Treat Warts in Children

There are many different types of warts, which are caused by a contagious virus, but are usually pretty harmless. They are small lumps with a rough surface of dead cells that can appear anywhere on the body, such as the face, hands, legs or on the soles of the feet, when they are known as verrucae. They sometimes have black dots, which are clotted blood capil­laries. As they are contagious, they are easily passed on by children, who may get one or more on different parts of the body.

What you can do

Warts may disappear many months after their arrival without any treatment. But you may want to remove them if they are in a place where contact means they can be passed on to others. The verruca virus, for instance, is easily picked up in places where it thrives such as the warm, moist conditions in showers and swimming pools, visit this website to remove the warts.


Hypnotherapy The power of the unconscious mind over mat­ter seems to work in the case of warts. One study has shown that warts on the hands or feet were significantly reduced on those who were treated with hypnotic suggestion compared to those who weren’t.


There are many different remedies that may be able to help, depending on the type of wart, although Thuja is often used. But the homoeopath will treat the child constitutionally so that the immune system is strengthened and can fight off infection rather than treating the wart itself.

Herbal medicine

Rubbing garlic on to the wart is an old rem­edy that many have found useful, but you should protect the surrounding skin with Vaseline. A tincture containing Thuja will help the warts, particularly if used in conjunction with the homoeopathic Thuja tablets. Vitamin C may also be recommended to help boost the immune system. Other therapies that may be beneficial: aromatherapy, tradi­tional Chinese medicine.

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