How to Treat Prostatitis (Men)

If your doctor diagnoses your problem as a prostate infection, he may prescribe an antibiotic to fight it, along with something for your pain and a stool softener to keep you from getting constipated. It’s important to get treat­ment and avoid any complications that can arise if the infection goes untreated. Along with your doctor’s care, here are some things you can do to help yourself.

  • Give yourself time to recover. Rest in bed until the fever and chills stop. Go back to your regular activities when you feel better.
  • Use the warm water treatment. Sit in a shallow tub of warm water for 15 minutes three or more times a day. If you have access to a whirlpool bath, that’s even better.

Prostatitis Men

  • Exercise your problems away. Here’s an exercise you can do at home to massage your prostate. Lying on your back on a flat surface, place the soles of your feet together with your knees pointing outward. Pull your feet and legs up toward you as far as you can, then return them to the starting position. The movement of your muscles acts as a mas­sage for your prostate gland. Repeat this exercise 10 times in the morning and 10 times at night.
  • Stay away from alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and spicy foods. These dietary deadbeats can irritate your urethra.
  • Drink eight to 10 glasses of water every day. This will keep your urine flow strong and help prevent kidney infection.

The long-range plan for prostatitis

If you’ve ever had prostatitis, you know you never want to suffer through it again. Unfortunately, once you’ve had an infection, the chances are higher that you’ll get another one. Here are some steps you can take to keep your prostate healthy enough to fend off the next infection.

  • Focus on good nutrition. Good nutrition can give you the edge against prostatitis. If your body is well-nourished, your immune system can put up a better fight against invading infection.
  • Consider vitamin supplements. Vitamin C and vit­amin E play key roles in the health of your prostate gland. Be sure you get at least the rec­ommended daily allowance of these vitamins in the foods you eat, or take a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement if you don’t.
  • Zero in on zinc and magnesium. These two miner­als are an important part of your arsenal in the fight against prostatitis. Brewer’s yeast, nuts, seeds (especially pumpkin seeds), and wheat germ are good sources of zinc and magnesium.
  • Go for the garlic. Full of vitamins, minerals, and natural antibiotic action, fresh garlic is a deli­cious and easy-to-use seasoning that promotes prostate health.
  • Invest in oil. Fish oil, contained in fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines, anchovies, tuna, bluefish, and herring, is a healthy addition to your diet. So are olive oil and evening primrose oil, a natural supplement available at your local health food store. These oils may not only help protect you from prostate problems, but from cancer and heart disease as well.
  • Go easy on the needless negatives. Cut out or cut back on alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and very spicy foods. These things are irritants, and they coun­teract some of the helpful effects of vitamins and minerals. Tomatoes and chocolate may irritate your urinary tract as well.
  • Drink your water. Eight to 10 glasses a day are recommended for anyone’s good health, but they are especially important when you’ve had prostate problems.

If prostatitis is the problem causing your sexual pain, you can conquer it and feel good about your sex life again. Research shows that a good way to prevent it is to have an active sex life. So if your wife agrees to frequent lovemaking, you can enjoy yourselves and be protecting your health at the same time — doctor’s orders.

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