How to Treat Headache in Children

Children often complain of headaches, but there is rarely a serious cause. It may be due to a related problem, such as ear ache or sinusitis or may be due to anxiety over something, over-tiredness or over-exertion.

What you can do

Watch out for other symptoms such as ear ache or raised tem­perature. The child may be overheated, so open a window or go for a walk, or if they prefer, he them down in a darkened room. Check your child has not had a fall or been injured, which may be causing the headache. Try to get them to relax as much as possible. One study found that relaxation training helped to increase headache-free days by 15 per cent.



The practitioner will try to find a link to the headaches. The cause may be dehydration. A naturopath will ask about the child’s frequency of urinating, bowel habits and how many times they drink during the day. Their diet will be looked at in case a food intolerance, for example to cheese or chocolate, may be a trigger. Mineral and vitamins may be deficient so mineral salts such as magnesium and potassium phosphates and an increase in vitamins B and C may be recommended. Cooling or warming compresses may be applied to soothe any neck or head tensions, as well as massage, which can be taught to the parent. Herbal medicine may also be used to strengthen the nervous system and give pain relief.


The chiropractor would first rule out any serious causes of recurrent headaches before examining for neck joint and muscular dysfunction. If the chiropractor finds a structural problem, they will use appropriate Migraine Headache Therapy for the manipulation and mobilization of the affected joints, according to the child’s age. If this isn’t able to correct the problem, other possible imbalances will be checked for, for instance in the jaw or pelvis, which may be exacerbating the condition. Advice will also be given on posture and ergonomics. Osteopathy An osteopath may see the headache as being caused by a mechanical imbalance in the body, with tension leading to increased muscle tone in the neck and head. Suppression in the cranial area may interfere with the func­tion of the arteries and veins, leading to congestion and inflammation, so an osteopath would work on this area to bring relief.


If your child suffers from headaches or migraine, an aromatherapist may use a combination of oils to help bring relief. Roman Chamomile has properties which act as an analgesic as well as helping to soothe the nerves. Lemon may also be used as it helps to stimulate the body to produce white corpuscles to help fight off infection, of which a headache may be just one symptom.


If symptoms include temperature, a stiff neck, lethargy and a dislike of bright lights, it may be a sign of a more dangerous condition, such as meningitis or encephalitis, and medical help should be immediately called.

Other therapies that may be beneficial: biochemic tissue salts, ocupuncture.

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