How to Treat Dog Neuralgia

Neuralgia refers to painful conditions that are not necessarily associated with movement, but which may attack the animal without warning.


The animal is heard vocalizing suddenly, and it avoids any movement at this moment. Sometimes the pain will cause it to snap at anyone who tries to touch it.


The pain results from an inflammation of nerves. Drafts could be one of the causes However, toxins somewhere in the body may also lead to nerve inflammation.

Important: If left untreated, neuralgia may lead to serious nerve disorders, including paralysis.


Important: The animal must have total rest!

Home Remedies

Give your dog one tablet of Hypericum D4 several times each day. If the pain seems to extend into the neck and head areas, add Gelsemium-Hcc drops to the treatment.  If, however, the pain appears to be localized more towards the back and pelvic areas, use Colocynthis-Hcc drops.

  • Bach Flowers

Hornbeam will lift the spirits of a listless and depressed patient.

When to Consult a Veterinarian

Get help if your remedies are not effective within four to five days.

What to Expect

With the help of homeopathic single remedies the overall condition of the animal will be strengthened, and Nosode therapy will be employed to eliminate the toxic burden.

Laser acupuncture will unblock the affected nerve meridians .You will be instructed in the use of color therapy and acupressure so you can aid the recovery process.

Preventive and Convalescent Care

Prevent your animal from exposure to drafts and to cold and damp conditions.

Breed Dispositions

Shorthaired breeds are disposed to neuralgia.

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