How to Treat Dog Abscesses

There are acute inflammatory abscesses that are warm to the touch and chronic abscesses that are cold to the touch.

It is important to examine your dog regularly for any skin abnormalities.


The affected area is red, swollen, warm, and painful. If you try to touch the area, the animal may bite as a reaction to the pain.

If you suspect that your pet is in pain, take great care when examining it.  You may also want to ask someone to assist you.

If the infection is carried over into the general organism of the dog, it may experience fever, weakness in appetence, or even blood poisoning.


Abscesses are usually caused by a local injury that allows bacteria to enter the lesion as it would happen in a bite wound. An acute abscess can develop into a chronic lesion.


If the abscess is not fully developed, Calendula compresses will help the progress, or you can bandage the abs cessation with Trammel ointment.

If you are dealing with a mature abscess, you should place compresses with Luvs Heilerde (mud) on the affected area, and, after you take the compress off, cover it with a thin layer of ichtholan ointment.

  • Home Remedies

At first treat your dog with He par sulfuris-lnjeel or with Staphylosal drops If the swelling has not subsided after two days or if the abscess is not fully mature after one week, change the medication to Myristiea-sebifera D12 tablets Once the acute inflammation is finished, Silicea-lnjeel, or Traumeel tablets will help the final healing process.

  • Bach Flowers

If your patient is grumpy or moody because of the pain, lift its spirits with willow. Impatienses are helpful for the irritable and impatient animal.

When to Consult a Veterinarian?

Get help from a professional if the general condition of the animal changes, if the inflammation does not recede after treatment, or if the abscess does not mature within one week.

What to Expect

Homeopathic single remedies will fight the inflammation, and Nosodes will eliminate toxins from the body. To aid the healing process you will be instructed in the use of color therapy.

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