How to Treat Croup in Children

Croup is a dry, barking cough that can come on quite sud­denly, usually in young children. The sound is caused by air passing through the narrowed, inflamed airways. Younger children are particularly susceptible as their bronchi, or air passages, are still small and more easily blocked with mucus. The child may also have a raised temperature, and be restless. Croup tends to occur after an infection, such as bronchitis, but can be due to an allergy.

What you can do

An attack may last for up to twelve hours, but won’t necessar­ily need treatment. In winter, it will help to put bowls of water near hot radiators to help humidify the room. Stay close to your child, calming them so they don’t panic and make breathing more difficult. Support them with pillows to raise the chest and facilitate breathing in bed. If your child is struggling for breath, or beginning to turn blue, call medical help immediately.



Cutting down on foods that increase the produc­tion of mucus, such as dairy products, may be advised. Sticking to organic foods and taking vitamin supplements suit­ able for children may also be recommended to help build up the body’s immunity. Mineral salt supplements may be given, such as calcium and iron phosphate and potassium chloride to help support the body. It may also be advisable to turn off the central heating in the child’s room, which can dry out the air. Hydrotherapy Moist, damp air will help ease croup. Take your child into the bathroom, and run the hot bath and sink taps to create a humid atmosphere which will help them breathe more easily.


A practitioner may start by prescribing Aconite for the dry bark, followed by Spongia if there is no improve­ment. Drosera might also be recommended for a tickly cough that is worse at night.


Call for medical help if your child is having breathing diffi­culties.

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