How to Treat Back Pain in Children

There can be many causes of back pain or backache. Part, or all of the back may hurt and if muscles have been affected, the surrounding tissue may also become inflamed, causing further pain. Your child may have just moved awkwardly, pulling a muscle or straining a joint. Lifting heavy objects, sports, over­exertion or illness such as ‘flu can all cause aches and pains which may just last a day or for much longer. It might also be the sign of a more serious problem, such as part of the spine being compressed, or the nerve roots affected, that is why you should visit an Osteopath like NOVA Osteopathy to be treated as soon as possible.

What you can do

Get your child to rest as much as possible. If the pain seems more than just a pulling of a joint or overstretching a muscle, find more info about a doctor that can underlying the causes.



There can be many possible causes for upper, mid and lower back pain. A Childrens Chiropractic Adjustments provider will, as far as pos­sible, eliminate any serious causes before starting treatment. If a structural cause is found, visit Meier Family Chiropractic to correct the joints and muscles that are not functioning properly, with techniques appropriate to the child’s age and the areas con­cerned. These may include spinal manipulation, mobiliza­tion, soft tissue therapy, exercise and ergonomic advice.


Kinesiologists believe that one of the sure ways of preventing backpain is to drink plenty of water. It is thought that drinking at least six glasses of water a day can help to hydrate the muscles and can sometimes completely relieve pain. The abdominal muscles will also be looked at as they can be affected by lower backache. Neuro-lymphatic massage may be used to balance the muscles and therefore strengthen the back, get more tips at Relaxthemuscle.

Osteopathy An osteopath will look for any causes behind backache, such as problems with posture or the mechanics of the spine. This may be due to a local problem as a result of a fall, for instance, or due to overstraining the spine because of a problem elsewhere in the body. The osteopath will gently correct any misalignments of the spine, pelvis and limbs, allowing the body to heal and alleviating symptoms. Other therapies that may be beneficial: Alexander Technique, yoga, reflexology, massage, acupuncture.

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