How to Treat Athlete’s Foot in Children

This fungal infection thrives in moist conditions and is usually found between the toes, making them dry and itchy, and also sometimes affects the nails. The affected skin may eventually peel off. It is more common in older children and the infec­tion can be picked up in damp areas such as changing rooms or swimming pools. It develops when the feet become sweaty and don’t have a chance to breathe and dry out.

What you can do

Let children go barefoot or wear sandals when they can to allow air to circulate around the feet. Cotton socks are prefer­able to cotton mix or synthetics. After bathing, always dry feet thoroughly, particularly between the toes. If the infection is already present, keep floors clean and don’t let children share towels to reduce the risk of passing on infection.


Traditional Chinese medicine A practitioner may give a mix­ture of herbs to treat the condition and build up the immune system to combat further infection. They may also advise immersing the foot in a bowl of hot water with 575ml vine­gar and two crushed garlic cloves, used for their antifungal properties, for about twenty to thirty minutes, which should be repeated until the condition clears up. Herbal medicine Golden seal root is known for its antibacter­ial and viral properties and may be recommended by a herbal­ist. A suggestion may be to add half a teaspoon of golden seal to a cup of boiling water and let it stand for 5-10 minutes. Then add the mixture to a bowl of tepid water and soak the affected foot for 5 minutes. Or Calendula in cream form, which has antifungal properties, may help.


There are a number of essential oils which may be given to help treat athlete’s foot. Tea-Tree oil works well on any fungal infection and also has antiseptic properties. Lavender can help to regenerate new skin growth and Geranium has cleansing properties and works well for most skin conditions.

Other therapies that may be beneficial: naturopathy, acu­puncture, homoeopathy

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