How to Train your Dog to Swim

  • If it’s first time to take your dog to swim, you should choose a suitable place to train. Private swimming pool, of course, is the best option, rivulet is also not bad, but the place must be clean, and without debris at the bottom, otherwise it’s not safe for both of you and your dog. As well, you should train your dog in a shallow-water area at first.
  • Before putting your dog into water, you should put your dog on a leash first, which can maintain his security, as well, you can freely take control of your dog in water, such as when he is sinking.

  • Sometimes, even in a shallow-water area, your dog will be panic-stricken and flounder desperately. If so, you can hold his abdomen in your hands, give your dog enough support, your dog will calm down soon.
  • When your dog can be quiet to stay in water, you can take a toy in front of him and induce him to swim slowly, he will adapt to water soon. A active dog will swim anywhere following the toy.  If your dog is not active, toy may be not very effective. In that case, you should be patient to praise and encourage your dog to swim ceaselessly.
  • If your dog raises his head straight, dips his tail into water and swings his foreleg desperately, he seems very difficult, then his swimming action is wrong, that’s in vain and it’s not helpful to swim. At this time, you should give him help, hold up his forelegs and teach him to swing regularly. When he has been familiar with this action, he will swim freely and play with you in water.
  • In general, adult dogs will spend more time to learn to swim than puppies. If your dog is a adult dog, but never swim in water, then it’s better to swim in the sea that’s close to beach, the training is same as a puppy’s training, they all need patience. As his owner, you can run with him at beach, teach him to swim from shallow-water area to deep water area. When his feet can’t touch the sea bottom, he will swim spontaneously.
  • Although most dogs are not afraid of water, some of them are exceptions. In general, if you have enough patience, your dog will adapt to swim soon. If your dog is scared to the extreme, and whatever you do the dog can’t calm down in water, then give up, don’t force your dog to swim. Do not let puppy be sick.

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