How to Train Your Dog to Keep Quiet

When it comes to annoying dog habits, there is something unique about excessive barking. For a dog with a biting problem, you can contain it inside your yard. For a pet that digs destructively, simply put it in a concrete environment. These will at least lessen their bad habits’ damaging effects to you and other people. As for excessive barking, it doesn’t only disturb you and your family; the noise can cause rifts with neighbors who are likewise deprived of a good night’s sleep.

The first thing to remember about barking is that it is one of the most natural instincts of a dog. In fact, it is this habit that makes them perfect for guarding your property. However, if your dog’s barking goes unchecked, it can do more harm than good. This is where house training your puppies comes in handy.

Understand why a dog barks

Aside from being instinctive behavior, it is significant to note that barking is usually your pet’s way of attracting your attention. As such, it should not be punished for it. Sometimes, all it takes is a pat in the head or a simple command such as “OK” or “Good dog” to make it stop. If this doesn’t work, remember that dogs who bark to get attention are those who usually don’t get enough. This usually happens to dogs that don’t get enough playtime or exercise. Hence, be a good pet owner and make your dog feel that extra care from you.

Get your dog to respect strangers and Mother Nature

If your dog barks at strangers and foreign objects, the key is reminding your pet that it shouldn’t. Showing your puppy that the new object will not cause harm is usually enough to make it stop.

Now if your bag barks wildly during a thunderstorm, do not reprimand it for doing so. There really is no way to stop it since dogs have highly sensitive ears. Thunderstorms cause them unimaginable discomfort. Some owners actually resort to tranquilizers in extreme cases.

Teach your dog to stay home alone

It’s a special scenario when your dog is the type that starts barking when left alone. It also takes a more stringent regimen to remove this habit. You can start by pretending to leave the house just to observe whether it’ll start barking. When this happens, return to the room immediately and scold it. Normally, an annoyed look on your face will tell your pet that what it just did is something that upsets you. Repeat this process again and again until the sound of your door closing is followed by complete silence.

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