How to Train your Dog to be more Devoted and Attentive

You may be one of those unfortunate dog owners who often laments, “I wish I could make my dog more devoted and attentive!”

The good news is that you can do just that. All you have to do is follow these instructions for a few days. The exercise works well with most puppies, and is also very useful if you have acquired an older dog and are trying to get it to bond with you as quickly as possible.

Attentiveness training requires a lot of open space—you should use a park or a field. You will need your lightweight cord, with a snap lock and handle attached.

Holding the cord by the handle only, walk in a straight line, not speaking to your dog. Tug on the lead only if the dog tries to pull in the opposite direction. If it comes rushing up to you or passes you, turn and go in the opposite direction immediately. Then turn again each time your dog comes up to you, or races ahead. The reason for turning constantly is to get the dog to pay close attention to where you are moving to. Some dogs will quickly work out in which direction their owners are going, and then stop concentrating on the person who is walking with them; instead, they will sniff around and investigate the area to their heart’s content. However, if you keep on turning each time the dog comes near to you, it will not be able to predict where you are going, and will have to focus fully on you all the time.

Repeat the exercise over and over. Go in different directions each time, and keep extending the distance between you and your dog whenever you do so. If the dog becomes slightly tangled in the lead, keep going. In most cases it will untangle itself. However, if it does become hopelessly caught up, you will have to stop and free it. For a week, do this exercise for about five minutes each day. Eventually your dog will learn never to take its eyes off you and will certainly become much more attentive!

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