How To Track And Find The Missing Bird

It’s a frightening experience when a pet escapes from the home. This is particularly true if you happen to have a pet bird since they can hide in trees or on rooftops and be difficult to see. If your bird escapes, the most important thing is not to panic. It’s important to have an action plan in place should this unexpected event happen. Here’s how to find a lost bird:


If you bird has just escaped, the best course of action is to stand outside and listen carefully for vocal calls from your bird. Birds are most vocal just before sunrise & just after sundown so that is the time to be out searching. Walk or ride a bicycle instead of driving in a car, so you can hear as you are going. This way you can also talk to people that you see. Have your phone number and “lost bird” on pieces of paper to hand out to everyone you see. If you saw your bird escape, check thoroughly in the direction he headed looking both high into the trees and towards the ground. Try making some whistling noises and then listen carefully. If you have a second bird, bring him along in a cage. Your first bird may respond by vocalizing when he hears the sounds of the second bird.

If you’ve searched exhaustively for your bird to no avail, try placing his cage outside with the door open. Make sure there’s food in the cage to attract him to it. Check it frequently.

If you had your bird banded, you can contact the humane society, local pet stores, and veterinary offices with the banding number and instruct them to notify you if they come upon your bird. If not, it still pays to contact your local animal control officers and the humane society to make them aware of your lost bird. You can also have your bird micro chipped. When birds or animals come into the humane society, they are automatically scanned for a microchip and can be traced back to you should your pet be found?

Always have a photo of your bird available to show if he should escape. Make a copy of the photo and take it around to neighbors. Offer a reward to neighborhood children if they find your bird. The more the people know the better.

Bird Hotline is a website where you can report a lost bird. They also have a section where you can view birds that have been found. This is great way to get the word out to a larger audience than just your immediate neighborhood. Report your lost bird to this site and check it frequently to see what birds are listed as found.

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