How to Tip a Bellhop

Bellhops are the men who are always conscious of your well being, your comfort and peace. They should at least get your sympathies and respect in any kind of society. A bellman attends you whenever you have got a problem. He carries your luggage. He makes sure of your comfort when you have to shift from one room to another. It is a custom to tip a bellhop. But you should know the ways how to do so in order to save his self esteem and respect.

  • You should give at least $1 or 2 to the bellman for every bag. If the bellman did the job very well you can give $5 or so to him. But you should give him any way.

  • Tip even you have not got so many bags. If you don’t carry much of luggage and things, take care to give tip to the bellhop. He escorts you to the room. He also maintains your room. He opens the windows for you, and helps you in many ways. Usually, it is good to give him generously $5 after every service.
  • Even if you don’t like his service tip him. He may change the route and start providing an extraordinary service that will comfort you.
  • Hand him the tip yourself. Tipping should be discreet, if not secret. Do this fast. Take out your hand with the tip. Shake the hand with his’. In the meanwhile drop the 1 or 2 dollars on his hand saying ‘thank you.’ You will have to take care that you may not hurt the self esteem of the bellhop by making fuss of tip.
  • You should smile when you hand over the tip to the bellhop. This will appreciate the bellhop and he will work more effectively.
  • You should not add the tip in your bill. It creates an inappropriate sensation that mars your tip giving experience. It can also become complicated.
  • “Thank you” note can be given by you to the bellhop if you are very happy by his service. The bellman will be very pleased by that. The note should be like this,” I really liked the stay at the hotel just because of you impressive service. You are very hard working. Thanks a lot for your behavior. Good luck!” This will create love for you in his heart and he will work more diligently when he comes to know that there is someone to admire his doings. He is not doing the work for few pieces of papers. He is serving the people. These tips can be very valuable during your travelling.

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