How to Time Your Trip to Munich

Munich, the capital of Bavaria, can be briefed as “world village”. In spite of its cosmopolitan nature it has a small-town feeling. Cultural attractions, heritage sites, famous art monument and traditional customs make the visit to Bavaria a wonderful experience. Since the autumn season comes with the Oktoberfest; people love to visit Munich in it. Following is a guide that can help you time your trip to Munich:

Munich Opera Festival:

Almost eighty thousand people come to enjoy the performance of music in different locations. This festival starts from late June and end in early July. During this period many composers are showcased including the classical ones like Wagner, Mozart and Verdi. There is also a particular even known as ‘Opera For All’. In this event public is invited for watching a free opera.

Munich Blade Night:

Munich Blade Night is the possibly the greatest skating event in the whole world. Thousands of skaters participate in this event. They have a designed path for skating. Usually the newbies are not allowed to skate there. Even the experienced skaters have to abide by the rules too. They have to keep themselves hydrated and wear protection.


It is a traditional market and fair named after St. Mary Magdalene. The fair ends in about nine days in Koniglicher Hirschgarten garden. This huge garden has a space for eight thousand people. This market features local rides and traders like pony rides, a carousel and mini-scooters.


Oktoberfest is probably the largest beer festival and is two centuries old. The mayor taps the first beer keg shouting “O-zapft is!” and the party starts. Almost 6 million liters of wine and beer is served in this festival. Many competitions and markets are held in this festival. This festival is held in September for about fifteen to sixteen days.

Munich Marathon:

This race starts in October at Olympic Stadium. Thousands of runners participate in this event. Trachtenlau is another event where runners have to dress up in their national uniforms and have to run for about six kilometers.

Schwabing Christmas Market:

Handmade items of local artists and craftsmen are sold in this flourishing art market. This market is located in the underground station of Munchener Frieheit. People can enjoy live music while purchasing different items. They can enjoy food at several stalls. This market lasts for a month from 24th of November to the December 24.

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