How to Tell the Number of Pup Your Dog Will Have

Things to do when your dog is Pregnant:

First off, after the dog has been bred, there will be a period of about 65 days (give or take a few) until the pups will be born. During this time, there are a couple of things that you have to keep your eye on, such as making sure that the mother dog doesn’t have any worms in her feces; if she does then you will want to treat her as soon as possible. At about the middle of the pregnancy stop letting her jump and keep her from getting overly excited

If she is having trouble breaking the umbilical cord then you can always (carefully) help her by cutting it with a pair of sterilized scissors.  SO, the puppies are now born and you are amazed at their complete beauty and cuteness and all. You will have to keep an eye on your dog to make sure that she fully recovers after giving birth, if some complications do occur, take her to the veterinarian immediately.

Methods to find the number of pup your dog will have:

Your veterinarian can perform an abdominal ultrasound at around 21 – 24 days into your dog’s gestation. This is mainly used to confirm pregnancy and get a general idea as to litter size.

At around 26 – 35 days into your dog’s gestation, the puppies can begin to be felt. A qualified veterinarian should be the only one to palpate for puppies. Usually this is only done to check for signs of pregnancy or to get a better idea on if a mother dog is finished whelping or not. A veterinarian will regularly do this as part of the one week prior to whelping date examination to get an educated guess on puppy size so you may be alerted of any potential whelping problems.

The skeletal systems of your puppies are visible on the abdominal radiograph or x-ray at around 45 days. This is your most accurate way of determining how many puppies your dog is carrying. You can actually see and count the little heads and spines. Ask your veterinarian to show you.

Have it in mind these method may bother your dog, as she will hesitate to be touched by stranger during pregnancy. Dogs are like humans when they are pregnant they do suffer like human, they need extra care and affection from dog owners.

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