How to Tell if a Rose Bush is dead

Roses are the beautiful flowers in the world. They are having charming beauty so that everyone gets attracted to them. They are also having timeless beauty. They will also bloom almost all year around. This makes most of the people to plant roses in their gardens to enjoy them. They are really soft to feel and touch. It is very good to have rose bushes than single plants because they will give you more flowers. If you want to get more and more number of flowers from it, you must take care to grow them. You need to trim it regularly in order to grow them healthier. The following tips help you in growing your roses robust and healthy.

Roses are actually very soft and delicate plants and so they will easily caught with infection and diseases. We should kept weed out and clean the surrounding area. Before planting your roses, first clean the surrounding area in the garden. Remove all unnecessary things like dead old leaves, weeds, branches of old trees and grasses which are overgrown. There may be thorns in rose plants, so you must protect yourself from them by wearing gardening gloves. Don’t use your hand to remove the diseased, dead or damaged things in your garden. Use garden shears to remove them in order to prevent plants from diseases and infection spreading to them.

You can not just assume it is dead if you see the dried leaves and bunch of rose branches dead around the bushes which is actually completely wrong. Actually dead leaves are not the indication of the death of rose bushes. You can decide only after seeing the stems. If the stem of roses is still green in color then you can make sure that they are alive. If they didn’t retain the green color, then you can decide them as dead.

After that check for the damaged and rotten stems. Due to overload in pesticide content, roots of bushes can forced out of the ground and there may be acidic holes in their leaves. This leads to broken in stems of rose bushes. There may be the possibility of chemical poisoning too. They can damage your bushes very much and it leads to death of your plants. Once again check the stems for its color. If it is black in color then you can conclude that they are dead already. You can then remove them from your garden and plant new ones in their place.

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About the Author: Greenery always attracts Arthur Kunkle. He has a big garden where he plants many fruits and vegetables. His passion for gardening motivates him to write and share different tips on gardening.

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