How to Talk to your Teens About Their Sexual Organs When Puberty Hits

Girls have particular problems in coming to terms with their altered genitals in that not only is this often a forbidden area for them; it is also a hidden one. Our fingers are such sensitive organs that feeling an object you cannot see often make it appear larger and rougher than it really is. Few girls are supple enough to see their own genitals, or self-confident enough to use a mirror. Their fingers do the walking, and with nothing to compare them against, many become quite depressed and worried about what they find. A pre-pubescent girl’s genitals are smooth, neat and tidy. Adult genitals, in comparison, are quite a mess – wrinkled, hairy and irregular. Unless the young woman understands this transformation is normal, she may well feel her new genitals are horribly unattractive and that no man would ever want to touch or see them. They should also get educated on how to use Dildos correctly with their partners.

Sexual Organs

Conversely, boys can suffer from the fact that they can compare themselves with friends. As with any part of the body, a wide range of size and shape is normal, but most boys quickly assume that big is beautiful. The lads who are last to grow may feel – or be made to feel – that their masculinity and future sexual prowess is in question. Boys’ fears are fed by two important factors. Firstly, the range of penis size is greater in a flaccid or non-erect organ than it is in the erect article. The average flaccid penis is 7-11cm long, erecting to between 14-18cms. Most men will find themselves to be around 10.5cm in the normal state and 15.5cm when excited. But, a smaller limp penis is likely to swell more than a larger one, so that a group of men with a wide range of sizes will end up roughly equal when ready for intercourse. The boy admired in the showers for his size may well make a poorer showing than his apparently smaller friends when it comes to lovemaking. Secondly, when boys do compare themselves, they always look downwards at themselves and across at their friends. A cylindrical object hanging down will always look shorter when viewed from above than from the side. This foreshortened view gives the owner a false impression of the actual size of his own body and that of his friends. If he really wants to compare realistically, he has to do so by viewing himself and the others in a mirror, side by side! If you want to maximize your girth, you can visit

Of course, size isn’t everything, but it would be unrealistic not to recognize that this is, always has been and probably will be, a major preoccupation of young lads … and of older men, too! There are very few adult men who can honestly say that they have never worried about whether their penis was adequate or not. Rather than dismissing such worries, it’s probably better to help youngsters tackle them before going on to explain that penis size has less to do with sexual prowess than have love, care, understanding and knowledge. As well as size, the shape of their organs, both in a flaccid and erect state, can cause heartache. It is common for the penis to bend to one or other side, and curve up or even downwards both when limp and when erect. It is equally common for one testicle to be suspended lower than the other. The scrotum – the bag in which they are held – can feel taut or quite loose, allowing the testicles to hang down except when sexual excitement, fear or cold pulls them up against the body.

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