How to Take Good Care of Footwear

  • Store shoes in original boxes, if you have room, so that they don’t get scuffed. Label the box with a felt-tip pen, so you can quickly see what’s inside. As an extra time-saver, add tights or socks to match.
  • Keep trainers in the laundry room or back hallway on slatted racks, to aid air circulation.
  • Avoid wearing the same shoes two days in a row. This allows moisture to evaporate from the shoes.
  • Stuff wet shoes with newspaper to maintain their shape as they dry.
  • Regularly machine-wash trainers, if care instructions say you can. Wrap them inside socks to deaden the noise in the machine.
  • Your shoes will last longer and look better if you work at improving your posture. People who slouch end up with shoes that ‘lean’ as they do.

  • Cover scratches on heels by marking over them with the same colour felt pen. Seal them by painting over with clear nail polish.
  • Have shoes re-heeled promptly. Once the heel pad has worn on one side, you’ll walk less evenly.
  • To remove mud: let it dry out, then scrape oil with a blunt knife. Wipe remaining marks with a damp cloth. Dry then polish as normal, it To remove white marks left from walking through puddles or a snow bank, rub them off with saddle soap while still damp.

Polishing shoes


Fast cleaning: use shoe-cream with a built-in applicator. Rub evenly into the shoe, then buff to a shine by rubbing vigorously. Ideally, use a small velvet pad. Otherwise a soft brush or duster is fine.

Traditional cleaning: use a wax shoe polish and a set of shoe brushes. Take off surface dirt with a stiff brush, then use a medium brush to apply polish to the shoe. Rub it in gently then buff with a soft brush.

Patent leather

Clean this with a soft, damp cloth and diluted detergent. Add shine with petroleum jelly. Buff well to remove excess grease.


Treat this with suede protector and clean with a specialized cleaner. Use a small suede brush to remove dirt and a new eraser to rub out marks.

Synthetic and vinyls

Wipe these with a soapy cloth. Man-made uppers can’t absorb polish, but you can add surface shine with a silicone-impregnated sponge. This is sold as an instant shoe shine product and is suitable for all colours.


Treat this with a fabric protector. Wash off dirt by sponging it with carpet shampoo.


Do not polish or wet this. Brush it over lightly with a soft cloth. Satin can be re-coloured with fabric dye and this may be your best option for stained, pale satin.

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