How to Take a Computer Apart

Have you seen a better looking computer case than what you have? Or maybe you found a monitor whom you think is more efficient than the one you are using? Whatever it is, you can replace them just as long as you know how to take your computer apart. Did you know that you can change your hard drive yourself without even without seeking for a help of a technician? If you tend to be like a handyman, the following steps will help you be able to disassemble your computer by yourself:

  • First, make sure that all your files have been backed up.
  • Disassemble the CPU case. Do not force anything due to the risk of breaking it. Look for the screws and start taking it apart.

Computer Apart

  • Do not instantly pull the cards out. Once it has been removed, unplug all the wires and cables connected to it.
  • Get rid of the drive. Check if the drives are screwed or not. If they are, then make sure that you removed all of the screws connecting it to the case. Then remove all the wires and cables connected to it and gently pull it out.
  • Take out the memory cards. It depends on what type of modules you have. You should check first the type of module that your computer has before removing it. For SIMM modules, some metal tabs need to be pushed. If you have a DIMM module, there are plastic tabs that need to be pushed down. The module will slightly lift, so you can pull it out eventually.

Computer Apart

  • Disconnect the power supply. Make sure to unplug it before removing it. Remove all the connectors first and unscrew all screws. Be careful not to let it fall off the other parts of your PC.
  • Take away the motherboard. Unscrew all screws and then figure out how you want it to be removed.
  • Disconnect all other components connected to your CPU.

Needless to say, it is very easy to disassemble a PC. However, remember to document all the parts so you may have reference to them in the future.

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