How to Survive a Deadly Shark Attack

Humans perceive sharks as the deadliest creatures in the ocean. This notion is somewhat exaggerated because sharks rarely hurt humans and has attack a few swimmers and divers in the recent years. In fact, most species of sharks are harmless; however, when they do attack, they can cause serious injuries and death to people. If you’re a diver, a skin dipper, or just a plain swimmer and you plan to venture out into a shark-infested area, it’s important to equip yourself with skills to escape from a deadly shark attack.

  • Don’t panic when a shark attacks you. The worse case of shark attacks stem from victims panicking during the attack. Have presence of mind, stay calm and figure out how to escape from your predator.
  • 2. Sharks tend to retreat when they attack a person, but may go back for a second attack. Keep your eyes on the shark at all times, so you know where it is heading. If it retreats swim back to your boat or to the ground.

  • Be defensive. When you’re diving and a shark attacks you, retreat into a place where they are plenty of rocks and corals and hide against them. This way, you don’t have to watch out for what’s at your back and stay focus on defending your front area. If you are near the shore, swim as fast as you could toward the shore. Sharks can’t swim in shallow waters and may retreat when the water gets too shallow for them. If you are swimming in open water, get back-to-back with another swimmer so you can watch out for the shark from all angles. Swim together to the boat whenever you can.
  • Fight back. Don’t play dead, it won’t help. Instead, hit the shark as hard as you could so it sees you as a grave threat. Target the eyes and gills, as these are its sensitive areas.  Don’t hit the shark on the nose, it won’t deter it from attacking you. If the shark has you in his mouth, hit his mouth repeatedly with all your strength and poke its eyes several times until it releases you.
  • Get out of the water. You are not 100% safe from a shark attack unless you are out of the water. Do your best to reach your boat or reach the ground safely.
  • Get medical attention immediately. Massive blood loss occurs during a shark attack so call 911 immediately if you’re in the U.S., or seek medical attention to stop the bleeding. If your wound appears minor, it’s still important to get yourself treated.

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