How to Stitch a Bow Tie

Though the neatly ironed shirt and pant seems to be Men’s formal wear, it will be incomplete, if there is no bow tie. Ties like theĀ handmade ties have unique styles and different uses. Different varieties of ties are available which is suitable for all kinds of formal occasions. The bow tie places major attraction in formals. It would provide you an apt formal look, when you were to go to get-together parties. If you wish to do it, you can make it easily. You can create a bow tie by undergoing the following methods.

  • Set up a band of fabric: First, measure the length of the tie needed perfectly then keep some extra inches to it. Select a fabric’s of width 150% broader than accurate width of it.

  • Iron the preferred fabric: Having the perfect length, cut it precisely. Then start the ironing process. Pre-heat the iron regarding the type of fabrics used. Cautions to be taken while using flimsy fabrics, apply cotton press wrap to sustain its quality.
  • Set up a weightless fusible interfacing: Once completing the fabric, now accomplish a weightless fusible interfacing. Notch it in a dimension exactly fitting for the fabric. Then do the ironing process by keeping it back to the fabric. Always make ironing towards the direction of interfacing.
  • Wrinkle the ends in the direction of wrong side: Fold the mutual regions of the fabric towards the supplementary side. Be definite that you are folding it up to the exact middle of the fabric’s end.
  • Wrinkle the fabric: After fixing the ends, begin to fold it in half. Thereby both the ends of the fabric will meet together. Now sew the border of the varying sides of the wrinkle with one-fourth of an inch contribution.
  • Enclose a pin to signify the front region of the fabric: Shove a safety pin in either sides of the bob tie. Now curl it within the fabric and push it from one side to another to catch the right side. After this take away the pin.
  • Keep the joint in its accurate place: Now acquire the joint you have kept earlier and situate it at the exact center of the tie, the supplementary part. Level the tie by compressing it tightly. Do the above step by using proper temperature for the fabric selected.
  • Maintain the edges of the tie smart and fresh: To make it perfect, you have to insert the end curve of the tie inside. After doing this, a tip will be formed. Level this tip by pressing it. Precede the same procedure in the other side too. Now your own hand-made tie is ready for you.

Preparing your own tie makes a lot of excitement. You can do this within a short period. Other than the fabric materialist all you needed to follow the instructions appropriately to make a perfect one.

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