How to Stain Paper with Tea Bags

It is always fun to experiment new art techniques. Mothers who have young kids can indulge in art experiments with their kids to relieve the stress and to have a fun-time with their kids. Art is great medium to express your own ideas and thoughts. Using art along with creativity can help you making things appear different from what they actually are.  You can utilize some home materials to use in your art project. For instance, you can use home materials to stain white paper. Stained paper can then be used as a supplement for many other art pieces. Stained papers give the antique or old look to new things. So, using a stain paper to make new things look old can become a very playful, fun-filled art activity for you and your kids. How can you stain a paper? Here’re the instructions:

  • Collect all the required material e.g. white paper, hot water supply, a container, and a tea bags. The containers should be big enough so that your paper could fit in easily.

  • Now fill the container with hot water and put tea bags in the water. Dip the bags for several minutes or until water color changes to brown.
  • Now let the water cool down. When the water in cool or lukewarm only then start staining your paper. Don’t let minors and kids touch the hot water container.
  • Now get the paper and put it in the pan. The paper should be completely covered by water. Let the paper remain in the water for few second or even minutes. Now take the paper piece out and let it dry on a flat surface.
  • Now check the color of the stained paper. If it meets the requirement then you’re done and can use the paper the way you want. If you want to color it darker you can repeat the process until you achieve the desired color.
  • You can let the paper dry by itself or can put in the microwave on short timer to dry it in less time. Don’t put the paper in the oven for long as the heat may burn the paper. While taking out the paper, handle it with care and don’t take it out bare-handed as it may be very hot. Air dry once again to ensure that the paper doesn’t contain any moist in its pores.
  • You can replace the water-dipping method with paint bushing. You can paint brush the paper after dipping the brush in the tea-bag water first. You’ll have to brush both the sides of the paper separately.

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