How to Speed up a Computer

Stop working in a less efficient system as it may make your BP levels soar high. Let’s make up a quick going system. It’s quite simple if u can spend few minutes reading through this article.

People may feel good when they buy new systems as they will be quicker in doing thinks but as the days go by the systems efficiency drops gradually. You may wonder why is this drop occurring and some many know the reason behind this.

Yes, your guess is right. It’s all because of the materials you dump into the system. It gets overloaded which may reduce the speed. It’s a normal issue that when your system is connected to the internet its gets dumped with lots of unwanted messaged and data which make use of the memory space. This also results in the unwanted background processes running behind the actual working process. This is the history behind a low capacity system.

Measures to keep your system safe

  • It is necessary that you keep your system well equipped with the latest anti-virus software which will keep your system safe.
  • Whenever you plug in external devices it is advisable to scan to prevent the entry of malicious material into the system.
  • By keeping the system in full control you can prevent the software from getting corrupted and missing.
  • The usage of one standard spy-ware software is essential rather than having too many installed into the system.
  • It will be better when u start running the system in safe mode. This can be started up by restarting and using Ff8 key.
  • Frequent deletion of the contents in the temp folder will speed up the system. This can be done once in a fortnight.
  • You can switch to windows mode by rebooting.
  • There is a program called Hijack-this which will get you noticed of the other jobs running in the processor in addition to your application.

By using the above specified measures you can make your system spring up. Suppose you use OS of Microsoft you can download software needed from their site. All software ranges will be available. There are several other sites which offer a wide range of protection software which can help your system.

There are several other means which make your system slow. One is mainly because of getting connected to the World Wide Web. Once you get connected there may be needs to visit some unprivileged  sites and downloading anything essential, while doing it without your knowledge there may be additional things getting downloaded which may cause changes which you or I may not be able to predict once it occurs. As a result we are forced to format each time when a major flaw occurs.

All these things account to the computers slowdown of speed. So try to avoid them to enhance speed.

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