How to Shave your Dog Safely

You may want to shave your dog for a number of reasons. Perhaps his long hair makes him uncomfortable on hot summer days or he is going through a period of heavy shedding and you want to alleviate the mess. Before you grab those clippers, here are a few things to consider.


  • Knowing how to shave your dog is important because you don’t want to hurt him. Buying the right type of clippers is important and knowing where to start is important also. There are different combs and blades for different clippers. Regular grooming is a must to control the shedding of a northern inuit dog. These will help you shave your dog to the correct length.

  • When you are shaving your dog you want to start with the neck and then move with the grain of the hair. You can move smoothly but you don’t want to get in a hurry. If you get in a hurry the hair will be uneven. After you do the neck you move to the ears and then go down the legs. If you have a clipper comb you can choose what length you want. In most cases you want to go a little shorter so you won’t have to groom them as often. Before you start you want to make sure that the dog is secured by a leash, so that they can’t move around a lot. Have a look at the, to learn more about this
  • If you look online there are some discount stores where you can buy dog clippers. Getting some dog clippers info before you buy your clippers is always a good idea. For instance, the Silver Clip Clipper has 5 different blades and is also cordless. This is great for clipping dogs because you don’t have a cord in your way at any time. Online at Pet Edge, you can order these clippers for $34.99. If you consider the price of taking your dog to the vet to be trimmed, buying these clippers is a great deal.
  • Before you decide to start cutting your dogs fur yourself, you might want to get some dog clippers info. You would want to learn how to cut your dogs fur and which clippers are best for the job. Online there are videos to help you learn and there are some online sites where you can buy dog clippers. There are some that cost over a hundred dollars and there are some cheaper clippers as well. You have to decide on your budget and which clippers will work the best for your dog’s fur. If none works for you, you may bring your dog to professional dog groomers and they will do the work for you.

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