How to Select Between Plasma, LCD and LED High Definition TV

In earlier days selecting a television set was an easy task. Nowadays due to development in technology and advancement the television system has its own developments making it tough to select a television. We can easily select the television when we are well aware of the differences between them. The different type of television systems are explained below so that we can easily track down their differences.

  • The Plasma HDTV is recommended highly for home theatres and there is found commonly there. The plasma TVs has higher picture quality than all others. We find the difference when we compare all the three at a time.  The black levels of the plasma TV are the best one and it has a higher contrast ratio. The fast action sequences are well viewed in the plasma as they have very little time lag. The plasma can be observed in all directions and there won’t be any blurs near the edges as we see through sides. The lifetime of plasma TV is similar to all other HDTVs. The manufactures mark that the plasma’s quality may decrease by 17th year. The main drawback of the plasma is that it utilizes more power than any other. The reason for this is the presence of the neon gas which takes more energy for producing the images. If you want to have an energy-efficient TV, then you may want to choose a TV that uses a chip on glass LCD technology, as this offers a smaller footprint and lower power consumption.

  • The LCD HDTVs are similar in technology to the plasma HDTVs. The technology approaches for these are different in displaying images. The LCDs have a great picture quality. The LCD HDTVs have a less maintenance and the cost of maintaining a LCD HDTV is less when compared to the plasma HDTV. This is because of the reason that the LCD HDTV utilizes less electricity for its operation. The LCD HDTV are used as computer monitors and there are well useful in case viewing still pictures and images. The only drawback of LCD HDTV is that while we watch videos we cannot view the monitor from all the directions. The exact spot where we can get a clear view is in the front of the monitor. No other spot gives such a clear image.

  • The LED HDTVs are made up of small diodes knows as Light Emitting Diodes for the purpose of displaying.
  • The fast movements in the LED HDTV can be viewed better than that of plasma HDTV. The LED HDTV has smooth black levels when compared to Plasma HDTV. While taking into account the advantages, the LED is a combination of LCD and Plasma HDTVs. The LED has a less energy consumption and it saves lot of power. The LED has another advantage that it has a very thin width and can be easily mounted on a wall.

With this information regarding the three available models of the HDTVs we can analyses their advantages and disadvantages and buy one which we can afford and which seems to be best for our convenience.

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