How to Select a LCD HDTV

The LCD (liquid Crystal Display) HDTV (High Definition Television) is one of the most popular products in the market. Their sale has a high rate. The selection of LCD HDTV is becoming complicated since there are many brands and many models available. This article gives an idea about selecting a LCD HDTV.

  • The first thing we have to decide is the screen size we require. When we proceed to a store we can view a lot of LCD HDTVs available at various sizes. We have to select a suitable screen size of the LCD HD TV. Apart from our budget we have to consider certain points while deciding the screen size of the LCD HDTV. We have to take into consideration the room size and the distance at which the picture will be viewed. For example a LCD HDTV with 26 inch screen will have a distance of viewing with a range of 3 feet to 5 feet similarly for 32 inch LCD TV the distance will be 4feet to 6 feet. We must not forget to check this distance factor based on the room in which we are placing the LCD HDTV.

  • The next thing we have to choose is the resolution of the LCD HDTV screen. The LCD HDTV has a screen which has an optimum resolution. We have to select the resolution from either 780p, or 1080p or 1080i. For movies from Blue Ray format or in case of using video games the LCD HDTV should possess 1080p is suitable.
  • We have to check the number of HDMI ports available in LCD HDTV. The ports are essential and are useful in connecting various other devices. These high definition multimedia interfaces are used as input ports for gaming console, blue ray players, DVD players etc. generally there will be two to three ports available.
  • The next thing we have to see is to read the reviews about the LCD HDTV in online. This would give us an idea about the LCD HDTV’s performance and we can compare various brands and select the suitable one.
  • The next thing we have to note is to test the LCD HDTV before buying it. If we have selected the LCD HDTV which suits our needs and surrounding we have to test the LCD HDTV and buy. This is essential because it would give us the idea about the distance factor discussed earlier. We also have the advantage of checking whether the LCD HDTV matches our preferences.

Buying the LCD HDTV is for a good entertainment and a useful investment for our home. With various brand and models available there would be certain confusion in selecting the best one hence the above points will be useful is selecting one.

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